Obtain Guidance in Defending a Class Action
or Large Commercial Litigation Matter

Class Action and Commercial
Litigation Consulting

Having successfully prosecuted and defended a broad range of large commercial litigation matters, including class actions, for more than two decades, we know what lies ahead for those who have been sued. We understand and appreciate the enormous risks, expenses, time constraints, and distractions from your core business that defending litigation will bring. We also understand that the direction of most cases is determined by the law firms involved. We help individuals and companies facing bet-the-company litigation by:

  • i. Explaining the significant risks, expenses, and exposure they are facing before they charter a course with a law firm they may know nothing about.

  • ii. Understanding their litigation goals, time horizon, and risk tolerance and then developing a litigation plan.

  • iii. Assisting them with the selection of the best law firm for their individual needs.

  • iv. Monitoring the progress of their case.

tep one - Contact Us for More Information About Our Litigation Consulting Services.

We have been successfully prosecuting and defending large commercial cases, including class actions, for over two decades. We understand the process, as well as the risks, expenses, and stress that exists and increases after you have been sued.

Contact us so that we can perform a required conflict check. After the conflict check is cleared successfully, we will schedule an initial call to discuss your situation and our services, process, retainer agreement, and fee structure in greater detail.

tep two - Send us the Complaint or Demand for Arbitration.

After you send us the complaint or demand for arbitration, we will perform a comprehensive analysis of the claims that have been brought against you. We will then set up a call or meeting to discuss our initial impressions and also begin the process of selecting the right law firm to defend you.

We understand that attorney selection is critically important - perhaps the most important decision that will be made in the case. We will then create a list of qualified law firms to consider and interview to help you select the best law firm to represent you.

tep Three - Case Management.

After you have selected and retained the right law firm, we will monitor the progress of the defense of your case. We will give you honest and informed opinions about the litigation decisions being made and the quality of legal work prepared and submitted on your behalf.

We will speak in plain English to you - not legalese - so that you have an honest and practical understanding of what has happened and what is likely to happen as your case progresses.

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