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Contact Us for More Information About
Our Litigation and Arbitration Services.

We have been successfully fighting and obtaining real justice for our clients with purpose and passion for over two decades. Contact us so that we can perform a required conflict check. After the conflict check is cleared successfully, we will schedule an initial call to discuss your situation and our services, process, retainer agreement, and fee structure in greater detail. .


We Will Perform a Thorough Analysis
and Investigation of Your Claims.

Before any litigation or arbitration is started on your behalf, we will perform a thorough analysis and investigation of your situation, circumstances, and possible claims. Honest communication is critical to our understanding of your needs and also implementing the proper strategy to justice for you.


We Will File a Complaint or Demand
for Arbitration on Your Behalf.

After our initial analysis and investigation is completed, we will meet with you to discuss the next step – drafting and filing the Complaint or Demand for Arbitration, which will formally begin your case.


Case Management.

After your case has been filed, we will work to efficiently prosecute your case and claims. We will always keep you informed of what is happening and why. We will speak in plain English to you – not legalese – so that you have an honest and practical understanding of what has happened and what is likely to happen as your case progresses.


We Make Sure that You Understand
Your Settlement and Resolution Options.

When the time is right, we will work with you to formulate a strategic settlement demand designed to obtain a fair and just resolution of your case. Ultimately, the decision will be yours, but we will work with you to understand the benefits and risks associated with transmitting a settlement demand.


Mediation, Arbitration, or Trial.

Whether your cases goes to mediation, arbitration, or trial, we will tell you what to expect, thoroughly prepare you and your case for a decision on the merits, and keep you informed every step of the way.