You know the goal, but have you written it down?

Knowing your goals is a must, but there is something concrete about taking pen to paper and writing them down. It creates an air of accountability that keeps you on track when you get caught up in the grind. A friend of mine played professional baseball and at the beginning of every season he wrote down his goal stats for the season on the inside of his hat. Brilliant. His goals were always with him on and off the field. Unfortunately I can’t wear my Yankees hat to court. If I could, on the inside, in black Sharpie you would see “real justice”. I use post it notes and I put them on the wall next to my computer. Over the years, my goals have changed. Early on, they were very specific – “make partner this year” or “retain 12 new clients this year”. Today, they are larger concepts. The two by my computer are “find real justice” and “a family that is a team”. Those 2 faded post-it notes are all I need to keep me moving with purpose and passion every single day. It is easy to take the foot off the gas on Friday because the weekend is in the air. Resist the urge. Make this Friday different by starting it out with a pen, a post-it, and your goals. 6 months from now you will be glad that you did!