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Our clients turn to us for help in their time of greatest need, to solve their problems, to save their companies, to hold others accountable, to recover what is rightfully theirs, to stand up and fight for them, and most importantly to obtain justice.

At Polaszek Law, we have not forgotten that we work for our clients and that it is our honor and privilege to do so. We believe there isn’t a one-size fits all solution when it comes to attaining justice for our clients. Our clients expect and deserve relentless hard work, creativity, purpose and passion coupled with experience - and that is exactly what we deliver, every single day without exception.

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Mediation and Alternative Dispute Resolution

Looking for an experienced, neutral mediator with two decades of experience successfully prosecuting and defending large commercial cases, class actions, and arbitrations?

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Class Action and Commercial Litigation Consulting

Facing bet the company litigation or potentially enormous personal liability and looking for guidance before hiring a law firm and implementing a litigation strategy?

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Complex Commercial Litigation, Class Actions, and Arbitration

Searching for an experienced advocate that will fight for you with purpose and passion in order to preserve and protect your legal rights?

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What Our Clients Are Saying

I worked very closely with Chris as he helped me with multiple litigation related matters regarding investments and real estate projects. He was absolutely great to work with...and we were ultimately successful in all the litigation.

Chris is very professional, knowledgeable, strategic, but also empathetic to anyone dealing with litigation as it can be stressful! I highly recommend him if you ever need solid advice and counsel!

-Z. Portanova, Swiss Krono
Chris is simply an outstanding attorney. Incredibly smart and strategic, creative and conscientious, talented and thoughtful. From poring over countless documents, to retaining and utilizing the most minute detail of information, Chris will leave no stone unturned in your fight.

As a client, I can tell you that you will be hard-pressed to find another lawyer who will genuinely care so much, and work so hard, to achieve the outcome you are seeking in your matter. Incidentally, he has the gift of being relentless, yet an incredibly likable guy at the same time. Phenomenal to work with, I would hire him again in an instant.

-D. Dean, Client
He is a superb attorney, very thorough, honest and punctual. He brings great strength and dedication to solving complex legal problems. A pleasure to work with as co-counsel, I would not hesitate to associate with him again on any project. Impeccable integrity as well.

-H. Bell, Create WV
Chris is a talented, compassionate, and zealous advocate. In my work with Chris, I found him to be professional and pragmatic as well as exceedingly hard working. In addition, he's just a very nice person. I have no reservations about endorsing Chris.

-J. Norton, Attorney
I endorse this lawyer. Mr.Polaszek is one of the best attorneys I have ever had the pleasure of working with. He is highly intelligent, skilled and an incredible person. This is very rare in our profession.

-P. Perkins, Attorney

About Chris Polaszek

For more than 20 years, Chris has successfully defended and prosecuted numerous large commercial litigation and arbitration matters in jurisdictions and arbitration forums around the country. He has successfully defended investment banks, financial advisors, large domestic corporations and their executive officers and directors accused of wrongdoing in a wide variety of commercial litigation and arbitration matters.

Along with his colleagues, he has also successfully prosecuted cases on behalf of shareholders of publicly traded corporations, and injured consumers, against corporate and individual wrongdoers which has resulted in the recovery of hundreds of millions of dollars. For example, he has served a prominent role in numerous class actions including: In re Beazer Homes USA, Inc. Sec. Litig. (N.D. Ga. $30.5 million settlement); In re Liquidmetal Techs., Inc. (M.D. Fla. $7 million settlement); In re Omnivision Techs., Inc. Sec. Litig. (N.D. Cal. $13.7 million settlement); In re AFC Enters. Sec. Litig. (N.D. Ga. $15 million settlement); Macy’s Inc. ERISA Class Action (S.D. Ohio $8.5 million settlement), Dougherty v. Cerra, et al., (Kanawha County, West Virginia $1.5 million settlement); In re Teco Energy, Inc. Shareholder Litig., (13th Judicial Circuit, Hillsborough County); and Reid, et al. v. Unilever United States, Inc., et al. (N.D. Ill. $10.25 million settlement). Chris is also a certified mediator who stands ready to mediate commercial matters throughout the United States. Whether it is prosecuting, defending, or mediating a case, Chris has one simple goal - obtain justice for his clients.


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